If it's worth storing, it's worth insuring

KeepSafe Storage Facilities have been designed and built with both security and safety as an absolute priority. This includes industry leading security systems, state of the art monitored fire and sprinkler systems as well as providing a clean, dry and pest controlled environment. However, as with any property, we are not immune to unforeseen incidents or disasters. It is therefore highly recommended that you take out the insurance cover that we offer, as your goods are not automatically insured whilst in storage. The insurance we offer is competitively priced and is underwritten by QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited (ABN 78 003 191 035).

Our Rates

Sum Insured Monthly Premium
5,000 $5.00
10,000 $10.00
15,000 $15.00
20,000 $20.00
25,000 $25.00
30,000 $30.00
35,000 $35.00
40,000 $40.00
50,000 $50.00
60,000 $60.00
70,000 $70.00
80,000 $80.00
90,000 $90.00
100,000 $100.00

All that is required is an accurate selection of the cover required, we then provide a computer generated form for you to sign – it is that easy!

Should you require more detailed information on this service please contact our friendly staff at either the O’Connor or Balcatta Facility.